Practice (Mannequin) Hand / Deluxe Smooth Nail Traning Hand




Deluxe Smooth Nail Traning Hand with 200 Tips

Perfect training aid for student.

Great for practice of: nail sculpture, repairs, filing, shaping and nail art.


You are fully-equipped:  You never need to ask someone for hand model.  Nail Training Hand will be with you whenever and wherever you need to pratice your nail skill or to learn a new technique.
Innovative Design for the Love to Learn:  Simulated all movements of a real human hand, the Nail Training Hand can be moved and rotated, with fingers bending in various positions, and adjustable arm with table clamp.
200 Detachable and Disposable Nail Tips:  200 nail tips of various sizes are available for your practice, and can be purchased separately if needed.  The tips can be snapped in or taken off from the fingers, and cut into desired length.  Feel free to sculpture, paint, create nail art or whatever to your imagination.  Love to Learn !

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