Ingrown Nipper 4.5"

GBSSKU: 10123



Ingrown Nail Nipper Double Spring Size 4.5″ 

Our Heavy duty #10123 Size 4.5″ Gold Plated Handle Ingrown Nail cutter features a large size straight blade with a pointed edge. The sharp straight blades meet at tips of nails giving a detailed and smooth cut to the nail. The pointed edge allows the cutter to reach into the ingrown nail and cut with ease. This cutter comes with double springs between handles to give perfect tension while the tool is in use.

  • suitable for correction of thin and softer nail plates
  • suitable for pedicure
  • easy removal of ingrown nails with special slim, narrow working surface
  • manually sharpened cutting edges prevent nail splitting
  • exceptional metal hardness allows nippers to stay sharp for longer
  • burly curved handles guarantee comfortable grip
  • fine pivot surface sanding guarantees smooth, seamless stroke

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