Gel II 7D LED Lamp Cordless Rechargeable LED




The Gel II 7D CORDLESS RECHARGEABLE LED Lamp is designed for authentic professional manicurists.

Sleek and stylish Gel II 7D Diamond Edition UV/LED Cordless Lamp.

Acetone – resistant

36 Watt bulb

Its charge lasts up to 10 hours, curing 99% of gel-polish brands on the market.

This lamp is our most powerful and quickest yet.

The 7D comes with 3 timer settings.

Set it and forget it, motion sensors activate when hand is placed inside.


New unique, sleek cordless lamp for FASTER drying!

Introducing a NEW Unique Lamp! Gel II® 7D Diamond Edition UV/LED Cordless lamp has sleek curves and premium Japanese components.

Seventh Generation Lamp components are made in Japan and assembled in Taiwan. Its LG battery is the newest UV / LED technology. The 36W bulb will make curing gel faster and more efficient!

It lasts longer than any other lamp and cures 99.9% of all gel polish brands on the market. The sleek new design has a premium “diamond-effect” finish and is acetone resistant.

The 7D Diamond Edition lamp has cordless mobility with a charge that lasts up to 10 hours! It is motion sensor activated and has no flash burn! Includes a new 5, 10, 30 and 50 second timer preset.

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