CND Shellac -No-Wipe Top Coat .42 Fl Oz



CND Shellac No-Wipe+ Topcoat provides a long-lasting gloss shine, with no IPA wipe required! This unique formula results in no top film and is compatible with Shellac Color Coat and Base Coat. Plus, it allows easier removal and low odor for the perfect high-shine manicure! Available in 0.25 fl. oz. and 0.42 fl. oz.

Features & Benefits



  • Low odor
  • Easy removal
  • Up to 3 weeks of superior shine
  • Seals in color with no yellowing over time
  • Smooth application with no pitting
  • Shatterproof
  • Resists chipping & peeling
  • No wiping, no hassle
  • Helps to keep high gloss finish with use of sanitizer

    Pro Tip

    No-Wipe+ Top Coat is sensitive to light which requires extra care to limit exposure during use. This includes table lights, lamps, and sunlight. Keep the bottle tightly sealed between uses and store in a dark, cool place



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