CND Brisa Lite Removable Gel Sculpting Pack



Introducing the Brisa Lite Removable Gel System. Combines the superior performance of Brisa Gel and the superior removability of CND Shellac, resulting in a superior new technology: Brisa Lite. The base coat is a highly adhesive base layer with quick-release technology. Does not require filing of the natural nail. 

Featuring the latest in nail gel technology:

• Requires no filing of the natural nail

• Advanced adhesion

• Workability allows five-finger cure

• Color Stable

• Easily removable with CND Shellac Nourishing Remover



    • Brisa Lite Removable Base Coat 15 mL (.5 fl oz)
    • Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gels 14 g (.5 oz) ea:
      • Neutral Pink-Semi-sheer
      • Pure White-Opaque
    • Brisa Lite Removable Top Coat 15 mL (.5 fl oz)
    • ScrubFresh 59 mL (2 fl oz)
    • CND Shellac Nourishing Remover 59 mL (2 fl oz)
    • SolarOil 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz)
    • ProSeries Gel Flat Oval Brush #6
    • Blizzard File
    • Koala Buffer
    • Workbook

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