Ceramic Bit Sharp Edge 3/32



Ceramic Sharp Edge Bits

Ceramic nail bits are made of high-quality ceramic with an eye-catching appearance for easy identification. The large barrel bit fits most nail drill machines that use 3/32" bits and are designed for surface work, nail shortening and backfill cutting jobs. This ceramic drill bit is a great addition for any professional manicurists in nail salons or someone who loves creating DIY nail art at home. Suitable for both natural nails and artificial nails.

Shank Size: 3/32" Resistant to acid, alkaline and heat, Antibacterial and no clogging.


Available In:  3/32" Shank Size.

CF - Fine 

CM - Medium 

CC - Coarse 

C1X Coarse 

C2X Coarse 

C3X Coarse 

 C4X Coarse

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