Tammy Taylor Darkest Pink (P3) Nail Powder



P3 - the darkest pink with a warm undertone. (P3)

Exclusive Benefits and Characteristics of Tammy Taylor Original Nail Powder:
* Fast-set nail powder, created to makefast, smooth and strong nails.
* Never runny.
* Stays where you put it.
* Flexible (able to create the perfect C-Curve).
* Can be used with all Tammy Taylor Nail Liquids.
* Use all year round.
* Great for sculptured nails and tips with overlays.


P-3 (Pink to the 3rd Degree)

This new extreme pink powder is even pinker than Tammys Pinkest Pink. Developed to offer the most confident and skilled Nail Professionals another choice for their most demanding clients. The P-3 is perfect to use with either the Competitive Edge Whitest-White or the Original Whitest-White powder for Acrylic Toenails and Fingernails. The P-3 is also capable of camouflaging flaws in the natural nails so they are less noticeable. Tammy Taylor was inspired to create this color for one of her many, loyal, exclusive salons and received rave reviews from their nail clientele.

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